The Dragon’s Heart

The town of Stromness sits on the northern edge of the border-lands, against the Worlds Teeth mountain range. To the South and East stretch the border-lands, a region of battling earls, barons, robber kings and brigands of all stripes. Far to the south lie the great kingdom of Orem, a far reaching bastion of civilization.

North of Stromness stretches the Awl Dan plains, a semi-barren grassland inhabited by vicious barbarian tribes and wild beasts. Across the Awl Dan, over frozen tundra and icy plains are rumored to be the elven kingdoms.

To the West and North West are the Worlds Teeth mountains, wild and unsettled on the surface, they are home to the underground Dwarven kingdoms and the vicious goblin tribes.

Recently word has spread of fall of a great Dwarven fortress within the mountains, sacked by a goblin army. Rumor says that great treasures are still in the smocking ruin: gold, platinum, jems, magical artifacts and something known only as the Dragon’s Heart.

The Dragon's Heart